How To: Keep Consistency

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Community Hub websites have been designed to be easy to manage with a consistent design - meaning that even those with less IT and web knowledge can get the most out of their Community Hub websites. 

The easiest ways to keep your Community Hub looking consistent is to refrain from editing: 

  • Font sizes
  • Font colours
  • Font styles

These have all been coded into the website and once you save a page they will be updated to match the rest of the website. 

Headers and Subtitles

If a header or subtitle is needed the easiest way to create one is to take advantage of the header formatting options. 

Simply highlight the text you want to turn into a header or subtitle and pick the formatting option that you'd like. 

We recommend using:

  • Header 1 for the main titles of pages 
  • Header 2 for main subtitles of sections
  • Header 3 for segments of sections within a section

Draw Attention

If you need to draw attention to piece of important information on a page the least complicated way is to take advantage of the text formatting options. 

Instead of changing of the font colours and sizes, we suggest using the bold, italic and underline options. However, to keep consistency throughout your Community Hub website pick one and use it throughout the entirety of the website. 

General Tips

  • Don't alter font types
  • Use the header and text formatting options
  • Make use of the bullet and numbered list formatting options
  • Create a housestyle for your Community Hub website, for example:
    • Use header 2 for subheadings
    • Use header 3 for headings within subheadings sections
    • Use bold to draw attention to your key facts and figures
    • Use bullet list for all lists (unless the list particulary needs to be numbered)

These are just suggestions and can be altered due to your preferences. We reccommend writing down the housestyle you create so you can refer back to it, and distribute it among everybody who will be editing and adding content to the site. 

  • If anybody else apart from yourself uploads content to the site ensure you proof read it to ensure it keeps to your website's house style.

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