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Committee Information

Display the key details including the contact details of important people within your council - including the clerk and councillors

Domain Name

You have the option to use your own custom website address for your website instead of using one of our branded ones

Email Addresses

You have the ability to add as many email address and accounts as you need to the domain, allowing you to organise emails into separate council uses

File Management

You have the ability to publish documents such as leaflets, annual reports and press releases in a number of document formats on the website

Fully Responsive Design

A council website design that will work on mobiles, tablets and computers completely natively

Manage Users

Create and manage a number of user accounts and their ability to update the website in a simply to use format

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

There are a number of different ways to display the agendas and meetings, however, all have the capability of being exported as a Word document so they can be printed and saved easily onto user's computers

News and Events

You have the ability to announce news within your council and its area, as well as schedule community and council events on separate calendars for ease of use

Unlimited Forms

You can create as many forms and questionnaires as your organisation needs, choose as many as you need for contact and more options

Unlimited Pages

You have the ability to add any amount of pages on the website that your council requires - including pages in a variety of formats including blank pages, web forms and more

View the Community Hub Demo Site.